Saturday, October 16, 2010

What would you bring?

So the question is "If you went back in time, what are three things you would bring with you?". The rules of the question are, I'm assuming you are going back in time to around AD 1400-1600. Plus, these three things do not have to be of a practical nature. Actually, the real question is "what are three things that would blow ancient peoples minds?".

My three things are: Computer printer paper, BIC pens, and a solar powered digital watch. Notice how I didn't choose a car or computer. The reason is obvious. There wasn't any refined gasoline or electricity back then. So in essence, both items were nothing more than sophisticated petrified rocks.

In those days they had paper. Lots of things were printed on paper. The difference is that back then paper was a valuable resource. Today paper is disposable. Right now, I could take an entire block of printer paper and casually toss it in the trash. That act would have been unheard of in those days. I chose pens for approximatively the same reason. They had pens. They just didn't have pens that wrote as uniformly as ours do. I also chose pens for the same reason I chose a solar powered digital watch. Craftsmanship. In those days, the super engineers would craft the most technically superior watch they possibly could. Only royalty could afford these timepieces. Now a watch that does more and tells more accurate time costs almost nothing. Almost anyone can afford to purchase one of these piece-of-crap Casio watches. So the choice of a watch is almost an F--- you to ancient watchmakers. Our modern technology trumps your primitive genius. Yeah, that's right. I'd go back in time just to stick it to the watchmakers.

So there you have it. What would you bring along? There are wrong answers and there is a quiz. I will be grading it. JK.